About Wayslo

Wayslo is the cloud-based platform that allows organizations of whichever size to design, capture, plan, run, automate, manage, report, and improve performance across all work departments to empower faster innovation. Wayslo guarantees an excellent flow of data between people and systems. The orchestrated Wayslo software offers the full potential to startups and the world-leading organizations, to have a leading workflow, low code, and a perfect business process management.

Why Wayslo?

Profitable Model

We offer high profitability operating model that overcomes challenges defining our business world today.


Wayslo helps executives in solving the complex landscape of methodologies, technologies, and compliance and regulatory pressures.


We are committed to helping companies across all industries to get a standardized and traceable business management process that will keep them on top quintile, improving performance and efficiency level of business.

Best Customer Experience

We put of customers' experience at heart to deliver transformative core on workflow.

Customer Feedback

  • Started to use for quality process, connecting franchises and vendors to validate changes. It was really useful as we could engage several stakeholders that before had a very manual process.. process timings were reduced from 30 days to less than two. Wayslo has helped us significantly in our digitalization and process oriented journey.
  • This is a software that allows the easy automation of manual processes. Wayslo gets rid of the need for paper authorization with the use of digital signatures - Easy to define and create a workflow process with the use of drag and drop objects - The user interface is easy to use and understand - Easy Integration with emails and financial systems