Implementing Workflow management in e-commerce

Workflow Management in E-commerce
September 1, 2020
workflow management in ecommerce

workflow management in ecommerce

    In our previous exposé we showed you what benefits our client got with implementing Workflow management in e-commerce. In this article we will walk you through the steps of automation he took to achieve those results.

    Wayslo Workflow software is indeed unique software. It can simply integrate with different systems. It makes it so easy to work with multiple platforms, which is essential if you are in e-commerce business. In fact, our client Ventse E-commerce used Wayslo as a base for their platform.

Here is the map of things, that helped our client to reduce operation costs by 30%

Edit Order

    Workflow is integrated with CMS system, which allows us to easily modify orders inside the software. So, it saves valuable time, because there is no need to jump between platforms. And inventory or other order details change automatically on necessary platforms.

Integration with delivery service

    Our client uses Onfleet system for order deliveries. In short, system picks the fastest route to deliver all orders. And of course, to use the system you need to input pick up/drop off place and time. Wayslo integrated with Onfleet, so when order is ready, all necessary info automatically goes to that system. And the best part is NO SILOS.

Purchase order approvals

    Once order is delivered, thanks to integration with CMS, it is marked as complete in all systems. And it also works the other way around, when order is incomplete, or there was an accident for instance. All platforms are automatically updated, and solution can way faster angry customer.

Inventory management

    Our customer uses SAP as their stock inventory, so we integrated two platforms. So, whenever there is restock, complete/returned order and others, stock record will be automatically modified. Inventory management is fundamental to all kinds of stores. This information is not only necessary for orders, but also for a proper restock. Understock, and you won’t be able to complete potential orders. Overstock, and you might not get any profit out of it. By automating inventory management, and observing statistics, our client dramatically increased sales. And, oh yeah, at Wayslo we provide personalised reports, which might help with sales, or modifying current processes. 

An investment in Workflow Management in E-commerce is an investment in the better future for your company.

    If your organization is interested in the way we operate and bring these benefits at Wayslo. Please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service.


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