What is iBPMS? Does your company need it?

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September 2, 2020
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So, what is iBPMS? 

According to Gartner the intelligent business process management software is the natural evolution of the earlier BPMS. It has more abilities for greater intelligence within business processes. In short, an iBPMS is an integrated set of technologies. It coordinates people, machines and things (as in Internet of Things). Meanwhile, it supports traditional business process management requirements.

The overall characteristics of iBPMS include:

  • Repository
  • Modeling
  • Administration
  • Rules Management
  • Content Repository
  • Integration
  • Optimization
  • Execution
  • Collaboration
  • Monitoring

    How iBPMS differs from BPM

The differences between BPM software and iBPM software are very little. As one is the extension of the other. The next season of your favorite software. It has same functions, also it carries added value and intelligence. Moreover, AI software offers better operational response. And it is more dynamic. Here are some examples of how intelligent version differs from BPM:

  • Real time analytics for BP
  • Complex Event processes
  • Mobile platform’s support
  • User friendly low-code tools for citizen developers
  • Ability to integrate with  the IoT

    Will iBPMS bring you benefits?

It surely will. In fact, with the AI integration and the cloud, an iBPMS should increase the agility of an organisation when it comes to changing processes. In short, this capacity combined with low-code tools will create a lower dependence on IT departments. Due to thorough and accessible analytics, that help all users make reliable decisions based on data. The iBPMS tools will also increase the speed of the delivery of processes. I fact,  it will make it easier to change elements within processes without pausing them. Your company will be able to control complex processes with less resources spent. Also, you’ll have an ability to streamline repetitive tasks.

Due to the AI support your company will increase accuracy. And will be able to make data driven decisions faster. Besides, you’ll be able to automate even more processes than with BPM. If you had an experience of working with BPM and need something stronger, smarter and more advanced, then iBPMS is your solution. Although, iBPMS will be greater solution for large companies. Larger companies have more processes to study. And will have better automation results.

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