Process Automation or Process Orchestration?

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September 5, 2020
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September 7, 2020

    Process Automation or Process Orchestration? To clarify, both work towards the same goal – AUTOMATION. But what is different between them? Let’s find out! If you need automation or orchestration to achieve your goal faster.

    What is Process Automation?

    In short, It means setting up a single task. To run on its own. Or automating one task. Given that, you can put this automation on any repetitive process. Such as:

    – Sending an email to a pre determined folder.

    -Extracting client information from a CRM. And sending it, to where it’s needed.

    -Launching a server at named time.

    -On boarding Process for new employees(e.g. creating email, entrance badge etc.).

    In the first place, industries use Process Automation to greatly increase their efficiency. In addition, it helps to decrease human error in simple daily and repetitive tasks. And for that reason, it saves valuable time for your workers. Simply put, that time can be used for concentration on more valuable tasks.

What is Process Orchestration?

    In general, orchestration means automating many tasks at once. It’s automation not only of a single task but whole process or workflow. Orchestration is mostly used for managing a large scale virtual place or network. For instance, it can be used on processes like:

    -Schedule and integrate automated tasks.

    -Streamline inter connected workloads.

    -Simplify repeatable processes and operations.

    -Automate the arrangement and management of complex computer systems.

    -Direct automated processes to support larger workflows.

    What is different about them?

    In short, main difference is the complexity. Automation refers to a single task. While orchestration arranges many tasks to optimise a workflow.

    Automating one task can speed up your process. But when automation is built into a series of processes and workflows. Which are then orchestrated to run on their own. There can be lots of extra benefits like:

    -Cost reductions.

    -Standardised workflows and processes.

    -Smaller team friction.

    -Increased productivity.

If process orchestration or process automation is your way to go. Contact our Wayslo customer service. We will help you to greatly maximise your benefits. Speed up your processes. And increase your efficiency with our software.

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