4 Biggest Disadvantages of Workflow Automation

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September 7, 2020
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    We all know Workflow software has numerous advantages. For that reason, lots of organisations implemented one into their internal processes. But what are the disadvantages of workflow automation? What does it take to configure software to work for your benefits?  We prepared a small list of disadvantages and complications that you might have, when implementing Workflow Software.

1. It requires maintenance

    Automation is a change in your process, and it should be monitored to make sure it’s worth it. You need to test it thoroughly before and after implementation. Simply to ensure the results of the automated system are the same (or better than) the results you have with employees doing the activity. Software will bring automation into your processes and if you configure it right, for sure it will bring lots of benefits. The problem is to receive these benefits, you need to constantly update your flows to get the most advantage. Wayslo, for example,  has lots of tools to help you with it, but it will still require some time to manage.

2. Learning Process

    Every Workflow Software has its unique way of working. Unfortunately, for that reason, you and your coworkers will have to take some classes or training to learn how to use the software. And how to optimise it for your benefits.  

    Also, Software might have an update or upgrade from time to time. Sometimes they’ll add new tools, or new optimization that might bring even more benefits. Sadly this will also require additional learning.

3. Lack of Communication

    Since management and task assignment will be done through the software and mobile APP, like we have in Wayslo, you will face way less human communication. Which may bring negative result to workplace environment, and make it less friendly.

    But hey! That’s one more reason to have more team building events.

4. IT Complexity

    Most Workflow Automation Softwares require some familiarity with technology or coding. During implementation of the software having this skill is a must, Workflow software is very complex. It’s good if you have IT team by your side.

    If you choose Wayslo, we have a big team of software developers who will help you with implementing it every step on the way.

The amount of Disadvantages of Workflow Automation is almost nothing compare to the amount of benefits it may bring.

If you are ready to fight these difficulties and implement workflow automation into your processes, please contact our Customer Service.

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