Breaking the Workflow Myths

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Workflow myth

    Workflow basically is a crusade of documents and tasks inside a working process. With this intention, it helped millions of companies to increase their efficiency. But handful of companies still are afraid to start using it. Most likely because they heard a lot of workflow myths. It is a great software, and with right implementation you won’t have to wait too long to see the results. Unfortunately, good things are not easy. So, we decided to collect some myths about the software, and explain why it is only a myth.

    Workflow Myths

  1. It is hard to implement, and takes a lot of time

    Many companies are afraid of this, and they don’t won’t to stop the work just to implement a software. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to stop your current processes at all. You can keep working as you are, and slowly create flows and processes in the software. In Wayslo for example, we have analysts who will come and help you. Besides, it is not as complicated as you might think, most of workflow software solutions are user-friendly.

  1. My company is too small/big to use automation

    Size doesn’t matter at all. Software is designed to help automating all kinds of processes in any industry of any size. As example big corporations can benefit in error reduction, automating fill-in processes, repetitive processes and more. While small companies can benefit in cost reductions, visualize and improve existing processes and more.

  1. Software is too technical

    It is true, software is too technical, and backend of the software is mind blowing complicated. But not for the user! You won’t find anything complicated inside the software. Actually, anyone who knows how to use computer or smartphone can use Workflow Automation. In fact, Wayslo even has a mobile app, which is easy to use, and you can complete your tasks from anywhere.

  1. Workflow Automation is very expensive.

    Well, it is not cheap, but so as printer. Printer is expensive compare to notebook and pen. However, everyone invests in it, because it saves a lot of time. Most companies mistakenly believe that automation costs are too high, and they can’t afford it. In reality, you can’t afford to run your processes manually anymore. Manual Labor expenses are higher than automation software expenses. As a matter of fact, Wayslo Workflow has packages of different price range, starting FREE.

  1. Using Workflow Automation increases errors and mistakes

    Software basically can’t create errors or mistakes. Automation solutions are carefully programmed to complete requested tasks. In general, it does what you tell it to do. If your initial command was wrong, then yes, it will create errors. But if your commands were executed correctly, workflow automation will work for your benefits. Software solutions don’t make mistakes, humans do.

Some of the myths are Myths and some are misinterpreted facts. If we changed the idea you have of what is workflow software, please contact us.

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