What is a Workflow Diagram? Where can we use it?

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Workflow Diagram

    A workflow diagram demonstrates movement through a process. The diagram is comprised of a map (such as a floor plan) of the area where the process occurs. And uses lines to show movement of people, materials, and information. The diagram demonstrates where redundant motion and inefficiency is present. Basically, it would visualise your work processes. Provided that, visualisation will help to increase efficiency and will showcase existing problems.

    Simply put, Workflow automation shows current status of existing tasks and keeps track of time spent on each step. And this can be turned into a report later. Besides, everyone involved in a particular process would see what needs to be done by whom and when. Owing to this plan it would be unlikely to have delays. Likewise, you can analyse processes and improve them along the way.

After all, these few things are only one layer of workflow diagrams. In fact, software can do so much more!

    Where can we use it?

    Improving efficiency

    As soon as you start to showcase the process, you’ll be able to analyze and predict possible problems

    Status Tracking

    Straightaway, managers would be able to see current status. And push the process if necessary to complete it right on time!

    Automating repetitive processes

    With a countless number of widgets inside the diagram, you can simply assign particular step of a process to your software! It will simply save you hours! Besides, few steps less to worry about.

Example of Workflow Diagram

Workflow Diagram

    Let’s say you have a process “New Employee Onboard”. Well, for big corporations it can be harsh. Not only you need to show him around the office, but also prepare handful of things. It can be something like:

  • Creating corporate email (IT department),
  • Creating a pass to enter office (Security department),
  • Create dossier (accounting, HR and others). 

    With workflow diagram all these processes can be done very fast. And information necessary to complete a task like creating an email, can be sent automatically to wherever it’s necessary.

If you are not using workflow diagrams yet, be relieved to start, and enjoy the benefits! And Wayslo is here to help you! Please contact us for more information and maybe you’ll like “What is workflow?”

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