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Wayslo cloud-based platform is an enterprise solution suitable forr any business type/industry. Our solution has the following features:

Graphic drag-n-drop flow builder. Creates your workflow using an interactive design.
Customizable tables, shows only relavant information in each one of the tasks of your workflows.
Compatible with sections. Divide the tasks per each section of your organization, a section could be a city, country etc or could be an apartment like finances and others.
- Custom reports: Use the power of our report builder or create graphs, charts and others, also you can automatize then for delivery.
- Analyze perfromance: Find out the performance of each one of your emmloyees or actors in the flows.
Alerts: Configure alerts so you can get an email when a task is stuck for a long time or when there are too many requests for the average response time for x task, and it could disrupt the business.