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Workflow Automation for Every Industry

Wayslo cloud-based platform is built with a flexible mind to serve a wide range of workflow needs. We serve industries ranging from banking, education, manufacturing, telecommunication, and healthcare. Everything in our platform is tailored to offers the exact solution required by each sector.


The education sector faces a very different set of workflow challenges in our current modern world. However, there are Wayslo tailor-made solutions that can be used to improve the education process significantly. Wayslo education automation solution is all that educational institutions need. We craft student journey from the time of admission until when he/she is an alumnus. Our core automation process in the education sector ensures proficient workflow of student application and enrollment. f your student center wants to increase student retention by using better student services, they need better financial aid. It all starts with workflow design and automation provided by Wayslo. Go paperless and modernize the existing education systems.


Our volatile environment has made it necessary for financial organizations and insurance services to move fast to improve their operational effectiveness and maintain high-value customers despite the increased scrutiny of activities and the many government laid-down regulations. Wayslo platform is there to help banking institutions leverage the end-to-end banking service automation. We have the pacemaker software that will improve banks' operational efficiency to help the still retain such high-value clients. Design banking automation and deliver optimal customer experience to streamline and accelerate bank workflows. If it's account opening, lending, treasury services, risk compliance assessment, choose Wayslo (trusted by banks worldwide).

White Label and OEM

Wayslo white label and OEM service are recommended by software companies looking for the world-class workflow. Reduce the hard professional maintenance services and add Wayslo workflow to your DMs, ERP, or CRM. Embed Wayslo software in all your applications. It will improve your value and functionality.


There is a huge competitive pressure driving the manufacturing industry these days—this calls for every company to improve its operational processes. We optimize and automate all manufacturing operations for better operational agility. We help all manufacturing firms to get excellent interoperability among the people in the industry, equipment, and system, ensuring the continued growth of work opportunities maintaining deserved control over costs. In the manufacturing Industry: we digitalize prescriptive maintenance, streamline all service operations, and deliver the seamless after-sales. We help manufacturing companies access project requests, monitor their work order, check industry relocation, report security incidents, purchase requisitions,


The Wayslo workflow solutions for the insurance industry orchestrate new companies, policy administration, underwriting, claims processes, and ratings to provide actual performance in insurance measurements. We increase customer acquisition, wallet share, and customer loyalty through automated insurance workflows to accelerate growth, claims operation, and policy administration.

Telecommunication And Technology

Wayslo has been tested and proved to be the most proficient platform that can d=mange telecommunication processes unique and specific to the telecommunication industry. Wayslo natures the growth of excellent internal communication and the other competitive margins to help companies in the telecommunication industry retain their customers. Numerous tech and telecom business are now related to Wayslo to accelerate their growth, increase upsell, customer loyalty, subscriber management, and sales and network management.


Government, state, and Federals need to reduce the complexity of reduced revenue to run in a cost-effective environment. All entities need to optimize and automate their work process and systems to meet budgetary pressures and citizen demands. Wayslo offers successful government information technology modernization to empower workflows and execute the top-level legacy ERP systems to leverage the current IT Investments to extend capabilities. We've consistent services with regulatory compliance and human resources readiness. Get this digital transformation to increase efficiency, bring agility into a government agency, and increase efficiency.


With Wayslo business process management software, health facilities can automate and simplify the healthcare operation procedures. Our changed regulation has impacted system smoothness in many healthcare facilities. Wayslo platform will help you manage the disparate healthcare systems to offer excellent member service. The medical workflows that are commonly automated by Wayslo include Requite and approval of forms, request of medical charts, management of medical audits, pharmacy notices, submission of central supply, tracing of the pharmacy drugs, request of item exception, and the evaluation of the new products. Automate your clinical care operations for large membership enrollment.